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About the Oracle Cloud User Community

Who is OC2?

The Oracle Cloud User Community, known as OC2, is dedicated to helping companies achieve higher levels of success and satisfaction with their Oracle Cloud investments and delivering education to help users progress on their Oracle Cloud journey. This independent user community connects users from across the globe through webinars, conferences, online forums and digital resources.

How Do I Get Involved?

Easy! Subscribe to the community or sign up for the e-newsletter to receive important news and learn about OC2s vast education and networking opportunities.

Webinars and Content

Can’t make it to a community event? Leverage insight from across the community right from your desk or conference room. Join one of the free webinar sessions or access individual resources in our Content Library.

Attend an Event

The Community Events calendar features conferences of interest whether it be user-led events like COLLABORATE or driven by Oracle.

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